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AWS News, October 2015, Page 1

Auckland Watercolour Society Members' Merit Awards Exhibition

Our Annual Merit Award Exhibition is going into its last week. Congratulations to all the winners of the prizes, shown on this page and page 3.

1st prize: Riverhead, by Gailene Marsden

2nd prize: Sailing down the Channel, by Kathie Shaw

3rd prize: Istanbul Sunset, by Ginette Wang

Report from the October Meeting

Not many challenge paintings on show at this meeting? We would like members to put forward a few suggestions of their own for next year? Tell us what you would like to include in the monthly challenges. Chris and Joanne were the critiquers for this meeting and then it was on to the main event with Chris Ashton giving a mini-workshop on botanical painting. After a DVD showing samples of some of the world's greatest botanical painters we drew in an ivy leaf showing the main veins and proceeded to lay in the first wash - a light colour, mainly yellow - followed by slightly darker washes and between each wash the paper was thoroughly dried before the next was applied. Chris advised not to touch the main veins and to leave a very thin margin around the leaf edge. If high lights are required leave the paper bare of any paint where the high lights are to go and so it went on until an ivy leaf emerged on the paper which by the way had to be smooth and not rough...quite magical. And a very enjoyable afternoon painting.
Our next meeting on November 9th 2015 is also the Annual General Meeting with the re-election of officers. One of the items for discussion by members at the meeting will be about a change of meeting day. We want your opinion about this as it will affect us all. It has been suggested that we change our day to a Saturday morning to enable those members who work during the week to attend our meetings and it may also draw in new members who might not otherwise join. Remember nothing will happen without your input. If you would like to comment on this subject send your email to the secretary - or better still come the AGM and air your views. Voting papers for the election of officers will be emailed to all members within a week or two Our President elect for 2016, Ken Garrett, will also be introduced to members at this meeting. Ken is a well respected professional artist who we know will do his best for the Society and after we have the AGM out of the way we will show a few DVD's of today's art world and artists. And don't forget to send in your ideas for the challenge paintings for next year - we would love to hear from you. In the mean time the challenge for November is "Still life". JM

Next meeting

The next meeting is Monday 9th November 1pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield.
The meeting will include the Annual General Meeting of the Society.
The next challenge topic is:

Still life (fruit/veges/objet's d'art/)
Christmas cards

Exhibitions and Workshops



Mairangi Arts Centre Watercolour Exhibition

Mairangi Arts Centre gives advance notice of their Watercolour Exhibition Open to all Watercolourists, 10-28 February 2016. Entry forms will be available towards the end of the year at