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Notes from the October Meeting

17 different takes on boats and sails were the result of the October challenge. Ken Garret, our outgoing president, was so kind to do the critique of the paintings again. He offered helpful comments to all the contributions based on his long experience.

After that Roy Boston treated us to another of his excellent video collection, this time a paint-along video by John Lovett. We first had a view of the whole video and then we went through it step by step. A simple motive, a couple of shrubs at a stillwater, was recreated with Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna and Quinacridone Gold. An effective composition and a good balance of different tonal values was the secret. Very productive and great fun!


Chairman's column

The Auckland Watercolour society Merit awards have concluded for this year again, and the comments that we received on the standard of work was unanimously positive. One of the rewarding aspects of our exhibitions is that we can really show to the general public how we work on our society purpose, promoting watercolours amongst Aucklanders.

We congratulate the winners, Ginette Wang winning the first prize with "Summer in Sorrento", Claudia Slaney winning the second prize with "Glen Brook Track" and Sheryl Davis winning the third prize with "Summer Harvest". Congratulations also to the merit award winners Chris Ashton ("Waimakariri River"), Pat Rainsford ("Donkey Fire"), Kathleen Shaw ("Avoca homestead"), Jim White-Parsons ("Arrowtown"), Ginette Wang ("Galloping") and Joanne Mortimore ("Cathedral Cove"). The judges have again this year commented on the high quality of all the work shown.

And please do go to Ginette's exhibition "East meets West in Watercolour" that has opened now in the Takapuna library.

Gerald Weber

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Auckland Watercolour Society will be on 14th November 2016, 1pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield. This meeting will start with the Annual General Meeting of the society. The next challenge topics are:

Old windows
a celebration with family

Contact Information for the Society

email: Joanne Mortimore


Ken Garret
Gerald Weber
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Management committee:
Ken Garret, Gerald Weber, Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton, Roy Boston, Sheryl Davis
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Exhibition and workshops committees:
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