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AWS News, November 2015, Page 1

Next meeting

The next meeting is Monday 14th December 1pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield.
The last challenge topic for the year is:

Christmas cards

Report from the November Meeting

The first part of our meeting was of course this time the Annual General Meeting. We are now set up for a new year, the new committee is listed on Page 3 and on our website.
Then our new President Ken Garret was so kind to do the critique - Ken again did not only provide his own spontaneous impressions of the paintings, he also invited the painters to comment on their work. The topic was still life, and members presented a great set of contributions, although we are looking forward to even more paintings next time. And - needless to say, the contributions showed a wide range of style and subject. After that, Roy provided us with another selection of fascinating videos, featuring for example a Hazel Soan video showing how to do a portrait in 10 minutes! This was rather amazing.




Chris is collecting materials for a good cause

I am going to Kenya in January and while there visiting an orphanage and school. I thought it might be a good idea to take some painting materials. If anyone has some old tubes of paint- they may be spares of student quality that are not being used. Also some unwanted brushes I would be very grateful to have them. I will not be able to come to the next meeting but you can give them to Kathie and I will pick them up.
Thank you, in anticipation.
Chris Ashton


Mairangi Arts Centre Watercolour Exhibition

Mairangi Arts Centre gives advance notice of their Watercolour Exhibition Open to all Watercolourists, 10-28 February 2016. Entry forms will be available towards the end of the year at