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AWS News, May 2015, Page 1

Next meeting

The next meeting is June 8th 1pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield.
Ginette Wang will demonstrate and talk about Chinese Ink Painting and Jean Sullivan will talk about her experiences with a watercolour workshop with Amanda Hyatt.
The next challenge topics are:

A butcher's shop window
Domestic birds (chickens/geese/ducks/parrots etc )

Chairman's Column

The most exciting news for the Society since it was formed 5 years ago arrived at the May meeting. We are now the proud owners of 10 screens which we can use for exhibiting our members' paintings anywhere in Auckland. These screens will display up to 40 paintings and will first be used at the Takapuna Library next month when we have our next exhibition (see separate notice).

These screens have been paid out of the Society's accumulated funds which have largely come from amateur members. If members know of other opportunities for us to mount exhibitions where they can be used, please contact Joanne Mortimore.

The May meeting was our second(?) workshop meeting. It was very successful thanks to the preparation and presentations by President Dennis, Roy Boston and Kathie Shaw. The theme was "how to draw and paint people and featured a real live model posing in various 'gesture' poses." Fantastic. We learned of PROKO, a website ( and featured on youtube (simply type in proko and the first 4 pages refer to Stan Prokopenko who has a library of videos on "how to draw...").

We have a Saturday workshop with Dennis Clark on 4 July at the Glenfield Hall and two more later in the year.

Cheers for now and happy painting

Gavin Fletcher (

Exhibitions and Worshops


Art Show at Takapuna Library

Joanne has kindly arranged again a mid-year Art Show in the Takapuna Library from 8th June to 21st June 2015.

Members are invited to put in 4 works - the show will be a "cash and carry" and as one painting is sold another will take its place. All paintings will eventually be on display. For the opening night (8th June 2015) we will hang as many as we can on our new display screens and keep the others in reserve. There is no charge to enter this show.

For this particular show we are including oils/acrylics/watercolours/giclees. Work done in a classroom environment or under supervision will also be acceptable providing the original artist or photograph is acknowledged. We want to sell as many paintings as we can with 20% of the sale price going to Vanuatu to help with restoration.

Receiving days are Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th. Please drop off your work between 10.30am and 1pm on either day. On the last day (21st June 2015) all unsold work should be collected by 12 noon.

The opening night will be Monday 8th June 2015 from 5.30pm. If you are coming to the opening night please bring a bottle of wine and a plate of goodies to share with our guests.

any questions please email Joanne at


Workshop with Dennis Clark

Dennis Clark's workshop will be on Saturday 4th July 2015 from 9.30 am till about 4pm - 4.30pm, at the Glenfield Hall, Hall Road Glenfield. More information can be found on page 3.

New painting workshop with Claudia Slaney

Claudia is holding a watercolour workshop on Sat 20th June, this time in Mt Eden at the Fellowship of Artists. Claudia has provided information at the following link