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AWS News, May 2014, Page 1

Next meeting

The next meeting will be on Monday 9th June at 1pm at the Glenfield Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield.

Fantasy bird using exotic colours
Workmen on the road (with or without machinery)

Chairman's Column

It is very pleasing that our exhibition at the Takapuna library last month gave so many members the chance to exhibit their work and to get public feedback. This is a very important aspect of the growth of an artist. Exhibitions are the lifeblood of artists. Our own 2014 merit awards exhibition has been announced. It will be at the Takapuna Library commencing on November 9th (see notice elsewhere) A tutorial will be conducted later in the year at one of our monthly meetings on how to present one’s work at an exhibition.

I want to publically congratulate Tim Felton for organising watercolour painting holidays incorporating a week of tutelage under New Zealand and Australia’s best watercolourists . Jackie Pearson, David Taylor, Amanda Highet and more. It is fantastic that we have such an enthusiast in our midst. Thankyou Tim. One significant aspect of our activities is the encouragement of members to improve their skills. We do this by having a monthly challenge and by holding workshops and exhibitions. The more active you are in our activities the better watercolourist you will become.

Claudia Staney ,our May guest artist has risen extremely quickly from being a talented amateur artist to one of regional significance. Her development was an inspiration to members present. Thankyou to Kathy Shaw for chairing our meeting and to all those who took part. Joanne completed the programme with a discussion on her prize winning acylic abstract painting. Another excellent meeting.

Gavin Fletcher (

Congratulations once more to Murray Stuart for winning the First Prize in the Easter Show.



AWS Merit Awards 2014

The Auckland Watercolour Society Merit Awards exhibition will be at the Takapuna public Library. Set up and receiving date is the 9th November 2014. The closing date of the exhibition is 30th November 2014. For questions please contact Joanne

Watercolour classes for the public

We have noticed that there are quite a few areas of Auckland which do not have watercolour classes.
We are planning to create a series of 10 classes under our auspices to fill these gaps.
These would be offered by an AWS member who would be paid by the hosting organisation.
If you are interested in being a tutor please contact Joanne Mortimore (