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AWS News, March 2016, Page 1

Next meeting

The next meeting will be on March 14th 1pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield. Topic will be "pen and wash".
The next challenge topics are:

Strong darks
Grapes on the vine/fruit on the tree

Report from the February Meeting

Our first meeting this year was a bit later in February due to unavailability of the room.
The topic of the challenge was "Holiday Impressions" and Joanne Mortimore presented the contributions to us. A point that came up in the discussions was the use of light for effect. If the subject of the painting is diffusely lit in nature or in the photograph, we can enhance the effect of shadows in order to bring out the depth of the scene. Fittingly, the main topic of the meeting was "light and dark". Gerald Weber discussed the use and elements of shadows and light and dark areas on different examples. Shadows show often reflected light, and considering the right hue for that is important to create natural effects. If we look at a painting when it is reasonably progressed, we can get a feel whether the range of value and the amount of darks in the painting is sufficient, or whether there is need to darken it. For choosing darks, we discussed a couple of options. If we mix dark from complementaries, one of the pigment should be a granulating pigment. Such mixtures appear dark and also have an interesting texture. A natural choice is Ultramarine with Burnt Sienna. This mixture, adjusted with Magenta is also what we have seen in Jacky Pearson's demonstration video about a year ago. Although lamp black is less often found in recommendations, it is a dark that has a long tradition in Eastern Art and is used there to great effect.

After the coffee break, Roy treated us to another delightful video, this time of Alvaro Castagnet, using a lot of darks in a beautifully loose painting of a Paris Street scene. You can click on the image to get to a promotional video on youtube.




Auckland Watercolour Society Art Show

The Takapuna Public Library is again generously hosting our first art show in 2016 from 11 April to 30 April. This is a cash-and-carry exhibition, all works for sale. This will be open for non-members as well, conditions apply. We also invite again this year works from our friends working in other media (Oil, Acrylics, pastel). Please find the conditions and entry form here. Set up and receiving day is Saturday/Sunday April 9th and 10th 2016 both days from 10am until 1pm. The opening night will be on Monday 11th April from 6pm. Closing day is Saturday 30th April 2016. All unsold work should be collected on the closing day before 12.30pm - or please make arrangements to have your work collected as we have no storage space at the library.

For any questions regarding this exhibition please contact Joanne (


Artist's Retreat with Jacky Pearson

Jacky Pearson is offering a weekend retreat at the historic Wallingford homestead in Hawkes Bay. Please refer to the flyer. You can find Jacky's website here.