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AWS News, March 2015, Page 1

Next meeting

The next meeting is Monday 13th April 1pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield.
Our guest speaker will be Richard Thompson, Director of the International Art Centre Parnell, the leading auction house in Auckland for historical paintings. He will present New Zealand historical watercolour painters. This is the first time we have a gallery presenter and this presentation will be of great relevance and interest to all members.
The next challenge topics are:

A storm
Flight (a bird or aeroplane or something suggesting flight)

Report from the February Meeting

Dennis Clark was our speaker this month. Dennis gave the critique and had again lots of good advice. Dennis discussed perspective, light and shadow and aspects of composition. Overall Dennis noted the strong showing and the high quality of the work. Indeed we had a very good turnout for the meeting. Afterwards Dennis gave us first a brief outline of his many decades of practice as an artist and a teacher. Then Dennis gave a demonstration how to create a great picture with basic materials. Working from a photograph, he explained how this must be interpreted in order to give a good watercolour: some things have to be added, some removed, certain incidences have to be corrected. It was amazing to see in what short time Dennis turned an inconspicuous, poorly lit photo from a public domain website into a sunny countryside. It surely helped though that Dennis excels in drawings as well. -gw

Report from Jacky Pearson's Workshop

Jacky's Workshop was a great experience for all participants. It paid off that we had ample of time, and we got a lot of things done without any rush. The topic was boats this time, but Jacky let us train lot of important general watercolor skills as well. One focus was shadows; Jacky explained that there are eight distinct steps of shadows, not to mention the lit areas. Another focus was on shapes; Jacky introduced a transition from basic shapes such as boxes and cylinders to curved forms, plus elements of exaggeration and shortening owed to perspective. Then there were numerous other details such as reflections, color temperature etc. The afternoon was reserved for a single painting, and in the end it was impressive that, without exaggeration, every participants had a wholly presentable work. -gw

Exhibitions and Worshops


Auckland Watercolour Society stand at Lake House

Kathie Shaw is organising the Auckland Watercolour Society stand at the Lake House Art Day this Saturday 28th March 2015.

If you are exhibiting at the event please think about showing some unframed work, mounted and neatly enclosed in cellophane or similar would be very acceptable. Kathie Shaw would welcome 3 unframed works and 2 framed works from members who are taking part in the open day. Please contact Kathie at for more information and enjoy the day.

Members are very welcome to exhibit their work - just let Kathie know if you are interested and she will be able to tell you how many paintings you can exhibit. We have some single stand easels we will be using. It should be a fun day!


New Painting Classes with Claudia Slaney

Claudia's classes at the Franking Arts Centre, Term 1, are nearly over, and Term 2 bookings are now open. Claudia has provided information at the following link


Painting Holidays New Zealand

Tim Felton offers painting holidays - these are week-long courses, with excellent tutors: Jacky Pearson's workshop concluded, Ross Patterson's is under way, David Taylor and Amanda Hyatt are upcoming. Have a look at the website


New Website by Dennis Clark

Dennis has a new website featuring his Torbay art classes, please have a look: