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Next meeting

The next meeting will be on Monday 14th July at 1pm at the Glenfield Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield. Note that the challenge topic has changed, (should there be any "Workmen on the Road", the old challenge theme for July, done already, they surely will be very welcome).

Misty Morning
my own front door

Report from the June meeting

Tim Felton was the guest speaker/critquer at our June meeting on 9th June 2014. Tim Felton has organized this year for the first time a series of one-week workshops with internationally renowned artists. The series, called painting holidays, featured as tutors Charles Sluga, Jacky Pearson, David Taylor and Amanda Hyatt.

Tim presented us with original demonstration paintings from the workshops and a brief overview of the workshop activities. The workshops were a great success and Tim is happy with the numbers as they are now. The workshops included a lot of en plein air sessions, as many as possible, Wenderholm, North head, the boat ramps, and more. It was interesting to see how the same subject was perceived and expressed differently by each artist.

In the second half of the meeting, Joanne Mortimore explained the basics of framing, another preparation for the upcoming Merit Awards. Joanne also gave us a demonstration on painting from a photograph. Joanne brought a seemingly inconspicuous photograph of an abandoned wooden dinghy in a field. Have a look what this was turned into by Joanne. Joanne used only a few colours e.g. Cobalt blue, Aureolin yellow, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin. The dry acre in the foreground was prepared with a casual wash in a golden ochre tone. The sky was dribbled in with cobalt blue muted with red. The trees were first outlined in a fresh green based on aureolin, and the darks were filled in with burnt sienna. For the boat, Joanne demonstrated how to create gradations by drawing out the color. All was done in quick succession.

The next meeting will be on Monday 14th July 1pm at the Glenfield Hall. There will be a number of short talks by members, and there will be also a painting exercise where everyone can have a go at the subject of the abandoned dinghy. Members should bring painting materials - paper, paints brushes, watercontainer - there will be colour copies of the photograph to paint from.
Chris Ashton is going to have a short word about Maimeri paints and will ask if any members would be interested in doing a club bulk order.

Congratulations to Claudia Slaney for winning one of the People's choice awards at the Peters Doig Art Exhibtion!



AWS Merit Awards 2014

The Auckland Watercolour Society Merit Awards exhibition will be at the Takapuna public Library. Set up and receiving date is the 9th November 2014. Opening night will be Tuesday 11th Nov. The closing date of the exhibition is 30th Nov. The entry form is avaliable here for download. For questions please contact Joanne