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AWS News, July 2017, Page 1

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Auckland Watercolour Society will be on 10th July 2017, 1.30 pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield, this time with challenge topic: suggesting vast distance.

We are looking forward to Ginette Wang, giving a demo "Watercolour impressionist style, demonstration with only one brush".

The next challenge topic is:

A painting that expresses a mood

Report from the June Meeting

Speaker this time was John Campbell, president of Titirangi Painters and the initiator of the Ponsonby Cruising Club art exhibition. John presented us with an overview of his work over the years. He was so kind to jump right into it and did the critique, together with Chris Ashton. This time we had the double challenge, and people clearly put in double the effort, a large number of painting on show! With so many contributions to the two challenges this filled all the remaining time.

And so, on Page 2 and 3 we let the images speak for themselves!


Contact Information

Contact Information for the Society

email: Joanne Mortimore


Kathie Shaw
Gerald Weber
Joanne Mortimore
Chris Ashton


Management committee:
Kathie Shaw, Gerald Weber, Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton, Roy Boston, Sheryl Davis
Meetings committee:
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Exhibition and workshops committees:
Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton
Gerald Weber

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