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AWS News, February 2015, Page 1

Next meeting

The next meeting is Monday 9 March 1pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield. Dennis Clark will be the speaker.

A night time scene
A storm

Report from the February Meeting

Dennis Clark, our new president, opened the meeting with words of encouragement: "Never pull yourself down". Even experienced arists do not stop to learn. After this was settled, Dennis gave his trademark detailed critique, pointing out positives but not forgetting many points of possible improvements. Issues were: getting distance effects right (softening/lightening), avoiding problematic arrangements, practising branches and trees in general, and many other small things he spotted with a keen eye. Dennis has also a new introductory paragraph on our homepage .

The invited speaker of the day was Judy Lambert, portraitist, illustrator, landscape painter. Judy talked about her early and present work, and her path into book illustration. The audience was impressed by Judy's enormous portfolio. This included a series of portraits of amazing quality. The book illustrations showed a completely different side of the versatility of watercolour. The whole-page illustrations used granulation effectively to give texture to the pen-and wash compositions. Judy gave us a demonstration of her casual "get on with it" working mode, showing us the gradual creation of a flower painting in many washes.

After the coffee break, Gerald Weber gave a brief heads-up on interesting yellow pigments and current supply issues with some popular yellow paints. More on that can be found on Page 3. -gw

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions


Easter Show

The Easter Show is coming soon; check for the show dates online. Contact is Joanne

Auckland Watercolour Society stand at Lake House

Kathie Shaw is organising an Auckland Watercolour Society stand at the Lake House Art Day on Saturday 28th March 2015. Kathie needs help to put up and take down the gazebo and trestle table on the day. Lake House is providing the tent table and space free of charge - we have to supply the helpers.

Kathie needs four people in the morning at about 9.30am to erect the gazebo and at about 3pm she will need 4 more people to help take it down and put it away. During the day she will need "minders" (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) to look after the stand and exhibits during the day. If you can help on the Saturday 28th March 2015 please email Kathie at

Members are very welcome to exhibit their work - just let Kathie know if you are interested and she will be able to tell you how many paintings you can exhibit. We have some single stand easels we will be using. It should be a fun day!


Painting Holdays New Zealand

Tim Felton offers next year four painting holidays - these are week long courses, with excellent tutors: Jacky Pearson, Ross Patterson, David Taylor and Amanda Hyatt. Have a look at the website