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Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful painting season

We will reconvene in the new year with programme points soon to be announced. Rumour has it that a Waiheke painting trip is planned as well.

Report from the December meeting

We started the meeting with our now traditional Christmas bring-and-share luncheon, slowly warming up for a last program point for the year. First, Dennis Clark gave the critique of the Christmas cards and seemed to be very happy with the outcome. We then watched Jacky Pearsons new video from the "Colour in your life" programme. Gavin highlighted some notable aspects, such as Jacky's advice "always do a draft painting, always" - well there is a good New Year's resolution!

Jacky uses very rough paper in this presentation, Indian cotton dried on the banks of the Ganges! Many people noted the broad brush used to bring on the underwash, and Jacky's secret shadow colour pre-mixed from her Daler-Rowney paints. Jacky does roughly three layers, in quick and sure brushstrokes. Again, seeing a professional doing it, Watercolour seems so easy - time to loosen up!

Jacky wrote us a note on the background of the video: "Colour in your life prgramme is the fastest growing art TV programme and has sold worldwide currently on 48 channels in US and also channels on Sky,Q and Arts. They asked me to do a programme when I was teaching over in Australia and came here to film me. I painted a friend from life. The prgoramme is well worth advertising as they have 9 episodes with 13 tutors in each, artists from Aus and NZ." Watch the whole video on the web:

Jacky will do a week-long workshop during Tim Felton's painting holidays next year.

As a second video, we saw a 10 minute presentation by Hazel Soan "Improve your Brushwork". Hazel challenges us: Complete a painting with just 50 Brushstrokes.


Painting Holdays New Zealand

Tim Felton offers next year four painting holidays - these are week long courses, with excellent tutors: Jacky Pearson, Ross Patterson, David Taylor and Amanda Hyatt. Have a look at the website


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