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AWS News, April 2016, Page 1

Next meeting

The next meeting will be on April 11th 1pm at the Glenfield Memorial Hall, Hall Road, Glenfield. Topic will be "Grapes on the vine/fruit on the tree". Speaker will be Roy Boston on how to paint buildings, please bring paint and paper.
The next challenge topics are:

Grapes on the vine/fruit on the tree
Pen and wash

Report from the March Meeting

In March Kathie Shaw was so kind to do the critque of the challenge entries to the topics "Strong Darks". There was an impressive range of paintings on show, and a lot of different takes at creating strong darks. We received quite a bit of positive feedback on the topic, and it seems that many people got inspired to try to go next time even darker. Kathie certainly encouraged that in pointing out where more dark would be in order, but also discussing e.g. where one should be a bit more delicate, for example in the background haze. As Kathie pointed out, the topic Strong Darks was an opportunity for creating contrast and being aware of edges: a sharp edge attracts the eye and a soft edge allows passage round the picture.
After that we went right into the hands-on program point. Joanne Mortimore gave us an introduction into doing a pen-and-wash painting. Joanne has picked a small church as the topic. Joanne has not only led by example, but has also got us started in an instant to ensure we could fit a good deal of painting into the available time. The afternoon went by in an instant and it was amazing how many different expressions of the subject came out of that, and how much work people have completed in this short time frame.




Congratulations to the winners of the Royal Easter Show

It is great to see that members of our Society did really well at the Royal Easter Show. Congratulations to Ginette Wang for winning first Prize in the Watercolour Category. Congratulations also to Claudia Slaney for winning two prizes at once. Not only were there prizes, it is also great to see that the winners had many sales. Congratulations to Amanda Brett for winning in the Open Category!


Auckland Watercolour Society Art Show

The Takapuna Public Library is again generously hosting our first art show in 2016 from 11 April to 30 April. About 50 works will be shown on the first floor of the library. This is a cash-and-carry exhibition, all works are fully framed and for sale. This will be open for non-members as well, conditions apply. We also invite again this year works from our friends working in other media (Oil, Acrylics, pastel). Please find the poster at the right. If you are coming to the opening night please bring some refreshments to share with our guests from 6pm onwards. The charity for this exhibition is the Rangitoto College building fund for Cambodia.

Closing day is Saturday 30th April 2016. All unsold work should be collected on the closing day before 12.30pm - or please make arrangements to have your work collected as we have no storage space at the library.

For any questions regarding this exhibition please contact Joanne (