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AWS News, April 2014, Page 3

Report from the April Meeting

Guest speaker at the meeting was Jay Gillies of Factory Frames. The exhibition committee wants the society to improve the framing of the paintings in our informal exhibitions, but particularly in the upcoming Merit Award Show, where there will be strict entry requirements. Jay demonstrated very convincingly, how simple changes and variations of the matte will enhance drastically the presentation of a watercolour. Jay discussed neutral colours, matching colours, double matting. Needless to say that good framers will advise at the many possibilities if one gives the work to framing. The material for the mattes is nowadays acid-free. Jay also mentioned the choices for glass. Jay said that there is little alternative to the clear glass, despite the problems with glare we all know. In particular roughened glass comes at the cost of brilliance of the work presented.

Ken Garret was so kind to give the critique of the monthly challenge. Ken commented at the lighting, wind direction and other tricky questions of consistency of the scene, difficult to get right as soon as a bit more artistic license comes into play. This month, members have presented a stately pageant of tall ships of all sizes and every rigging. Gavin added that he wants members to sometimes cut the subject less tight and leave more space. Chris had a special exhibit, a tapestry of a clipper that she was taking to conservation at the Museum. Ken fancied that this work might have been exhibited in the captain's great cabin of the ship.     -gw


Painting Holiday with Amanda Brett

If you're like me and prefer active holidays then do come and join me on my first-ever painting holiday workshop in Italy. This is a fully escorted holiday workshop staying the in the magical mediaeval village of Roccassecca where we will paint the landscape, villages, markets and whatever else we can find. We'll also explore historic ruins and beautiful churches with amazing frescoes, while enjoying the genuine regional cuisine. there's also lots to do for non-painting partners should your better half want to join us!!

We'll also stay 2 nights in the colourful, coastal town of Positano - can't wait!!

and neither should you - I can only take 7 people ...

happy painting!

Amanda Brett
Contemporary Watercolour Artist, Tutor, Speaker, Author


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